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Develop your legal & procedure skills gaining practical experience.


Help someone with a legal predicament whilst still being a student and gain future clients.


Earn an income in the process whilst helping someone  whilst being a student.

Being a law student is a demanding task these days.

Unfortunately, being a student doesn’t seem to pay very well. So from what I know, most take any job they can do to earn an income. Being a student at times seems to suck, because you're always broke and doing a job you may not like.


The Student at Law Business Model

Tough going isn’t it?


Well it's about to change…. How would you like too?

  1. Develop your legal & procedural practical skills,

  2. Help someone in the process, and,

  3. Earn an income whilst doing it?


Sounds like a great idea. Well that is exactly what I did and I have now put everything into a business model for you to do the same.

Hi, I'm David and in 2011 a family member of mine was in a dire situation.  I started helping off my own back by diving into consumer credit law and began developing defences to assist.


Claims began to get thrown out of court and it appeared that I had stumbled upon something which I was interested in and seemed fairly good at.

Then one day a neighbour was asking if I could help them with a speeding case and I agreed. He was acquitted of the charge.  


Before long I was getting a little busy throughout 2013 with other people contacting me asking for some legal help. I was amazed at how many people needed support and were struggling.

I then spent a great deal of time looking at how I could help people doing what I love and turn this good deed into a little job, so as to earn an income during my studies. It just seemed to make sense people kept contacting me.

So, at the end of 2014 was when I had put together a small business doing just that. I carried on helping people, but started running it more like a business and people were happy to pay a fee for my time which was a hell of a lot less than the cost it would be even for a paralegal within a solicitors firm. I attracted media attention and gained a lot of grateful support.

Today I own David T Wade Student at Law Ltd. My website is www.davidtwade.co.uk and my business Facebook page has over 1400 likes. You could have your very own Student at Law business, earning an income, doing what you love and I will show you how!


Get Paid Doing What You Love.


Welcome to the “Student at Law Business Model” This business model will give you the chance to do just that, as well as access direct to me via our dedicated members only forum for all the help and support along the way!


You could then give up that horrid job you hate and do something you love – whilst improving your legal mind, helping someone in the process, building future clients and above all earning an income.


Being a student no longer means being skint. I can offer you everything you need to make a great success of your own “Student at Law” business, along with the continuing support and guidance.

I wanted to provide this to you at an affordable cost, as I know what living as a student is like. So for £250 you could start your own Student at Law business, obtaining everything you need along with the support and guidance.  I won't be offering this opportunity to everyone. So there are limited spaces available. 

Your first 'clients' deposit would have paid for it. Don't miss this opportunity.


I Did It... So Can You!

Nearly four years later things have evolved and changed. My business is structured in a way that assists my time and has stream lined in operation. It had to, as my case load grew I had to adapt and change things to continue to have an effective operation knowing everything that was going on in my business.

I would love to give you the opportunity to have your own “Student at Law” business as well as helping you every step of the way and tell you much more about me. See you on the other side.

Start Your Own Student At Law Business Today

For just £250.00 you can start your own Student at Law business. I can offer you everything your need, including access to me to start earning.

**Limited Spaces Available**